I sometimes get offered gifts from companies who are looking for reviews, but I normally refuse them because the items being offered aren’t very relevant to me, and I would only want to receive something that was genuinely something I would be interested in and think about buying for myself. I was recently contacted, however, by Bean Bag Bazaar about their gaming chairs. I was intrigued. I’ve always been a fan of bean bags. They’re easy to get into, but often they’re hard to get out of because they can be so comfy. Bean Bag Bazaar kindly sent me one of their i-eX Elite Gaming Chair Bean Bags and asked me to review it. I accepted, on the condition that I can give it an honest review.

It arrived a few days ago and I can say with confidence that I’m very pleased with it. It seems very well made and sturdy. One of the problems I’ve experienced with bean bags in the past is that they are often either over-stuffed or under-stuffed. If it is either of the above it can be hard to get comfy. I was pleased to see that there is just the right level of ‘bean’ in this bean bag. It allows you to sink into it nicely but also gives you the option to reshape the chair slightly if you want to be more reclined or more upright. That’s a real benefit of a bean bag chair, as opposed to a moulded chair. The added, matching footstool is a nice touch too. I certainly could imagine myself having extended video game sessions or watching full movies whilst lounging in it. I actually watched John Wick 3 in it last night and can give the chair the official thumbs up. It also passed the child test, as my kids both said that it is ’sooooo comfy’.

Here is some info from their website page about the bean bag

Enhance your gaming experience with the i-eX Elite Gaming Chair, designed to provide ultimate comfort as you immerse yourself in your favourite game. Low-slung and ergonomically shaped, this beanbag gaming chair is a winning combination of comfort and style that provides tapered support for hours of enjoyment.

The i-eX Elite Gaming Chair is made from high-quality faux leather, featuring contrasting silver piping and the i-eX logo proudly stitched into the front base panel. The deep bucket seat boasts a unique design with a panel of foam fixed into the reclined high back and seat, so you can lose yourself in a virtual world and feel relaxed and supported.

Offering unrestricted comfort to all levels of gamers, the i-eX Elite Gaming Chair provides exceptional performance that has been tried and tested, standing up to 24-hours of continuous gaming whilst maintaining unbeatable comfort.

Suitable for all ages, this versatile gaming chair is lightweight and portable, allowing you to move it from room-to-room. The supportive structure and super comfortable design also lend this chair to reading, snoozing and enjoying all forms of modern entertainment. Trust us – it’ll be the comfiest seat in the house!

The photo above isn’t me by the way! That’s the model photo from their website :-)

The good news is that I’m also allowed to give one of these chairs away as a prize for my followers. This will be done on social media this week, so please do watch my Twitter account for more details.  The prize would be the exact same model of chair that I review in this blog post and I’m afraid it’s only open to people who are 18+ and live in the UK.

In the meantime why not check out some other great bean bag products on the Bean Bag Bazaar website.