You’re getting ready for your next big games night… You’ve got friends wanting to come, you’ve got your snacks sorted, your drinks, you even made a cool music playlist. What else do you need? Games, right? 

And we’re not just talking about Monopoly either. I used to love Monopoly but ended up finding, like a lot of people, that it can take ages and often ends up with arguments or everyone apart from the winner hating the game. But board game popularity is on the rise, and there are tons of great games out there to make your games night a night to remember. We’ve put together a few ideas for some cool games for your next shindig, so read on to find out what they are. Hopefully you won’t have heard of some of them, although of course there are a few oldies thrown in there too.

1. Monikers

Monikers is a fun game that is kind of similar to charades but with a twist. In the first round, you have a deck of cards that are all names of people, and you try to get other people to guess what’s on your card without saying the name on the card. 

Then, in the second round, you repeat this process with the same cards, but you can only use a single word to try to get people to guess which card you have. Then, in the third round, using the same cards, you can’t use any words and have to act it out! This game can be hilarious and tons of fun and the cards are pretty wacky too.

2. Mysterium

Maybe you’re more of a fan of spooky stuff? Then how about Mysterium? Mysterium is a game where everyone works together to either succeed and win the game or all lose as one.

One person takes on the role of “the Ghost” who tries to communicate to the other players the details of their murder. In much the same way as Clue (or Cluedo in the UK), players attempt to solve the puzzle of who committed the murder, where they did it, and what object they used. The Ghost cannot talk throughout the entire game and instead must use abstract “dream cards” to try to influence those around the table towards the correct suspect.

This game is very unique and lots of fun, and can be quite challenging, especially for the Ghost!

3. Cash ‘N Guns

Have you ever wanted to pull a heist? Well, with Cash ‘n Guns, you can experience the rush of a “bank job” and the drama of when everything falls apart– plus, you get to play with foam guns!

In Cash ‘n Guns, players recreate the iconic showdown scene from Reservoir Dogs where the crooks all turn on each other to try and take the heist money all for themselves. The game comes complete with foam guns which you will all point around the table at each other in a dramatic standoff before finding out which of you gets to take the loot, and who will be sleeping with the fishes.

As you can imagine this game is lots of fun, and if you play it at your next party, even the people who sit and watch will have fun laughing along!

4. Talisman

If you’re looking for some old school gaming fun then why not check out Talisman, one of the classic Games Workshop titles from 1983. I say ‘old school’ because I remember playing the 2nd version in the late 80s, but actually it’s still going strong and I believe a 5th edition is due to be launched soon.

Talisman is somewhere between HeroQuest and Dungeons & Dragons as you battle your way around the board, building up your strength and your spell casting, defeating enemies and ultimately taking control of the realm. Classic fantasy gaming at its best.

5. Bingo

If you’re looking for a cheap option, you can’t go wrong with bingo! Bingo is fun for people of all ages, especially if you get some small prizes ahead of time for people to win. All you need to play bingo is to download a free bingo caller app on your phone and to print out some bingo cards.

It’s a great, inexpensive option that anyone can enjoy. You can even add forfeits for particular numbers, so that people have to do a challenge if a particular number comes up!

So there you have it, our top picks for the best party games you could have at your next party. Have fun!