I know it sounds like a clickbait-y headline, but I love this video. I’m probably months behind, and loads of people will have seen it, but I’ve only just come across this video. I’ve never really been hugely into the Mortal Kombat series but I’ve always known they have gruesome fatalities, and obviously this latest version has souped up fatalities. Perhaps you wouldn’t want young kids watching this montage of all the fatalities in the game but personally I think it is entertaining, fascinating, cringeworthy, funny in places and just downright impressive.

Not only are the graphics and animation impressive but the sheer imagination of the people who produced it is incredible. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during their brainstorming process. They just keeping adding sadistic and gruesome things to do to a body part just when you think each fatality is over. Brilliant stuff. Grap a cup of tea, lock the kids away and enjoy.