After rewatching and reviewing The Fast and The Furious for my deep dive of the #FastandFuriverse, it was time to jump into the second film. 2 Fast 2 Furious. I still can’t decide if the title is awesome or very cheesy. 

In case you missed it, I also watched, for the first time, the Turbo-Charged Prelude short film which gives a bit of backstory to how Brian arrived in Miami.

Here my notes while I rewatched this sequel.

  • I like the Universal Pictures intro a the start, where the logo becomes a hubcap. I’m a sucker for things like that. The Cannonball Run was the first logo variant that I can remember –
  • Ludacris has the first line in the film. It’s cool how they have a rapper in each of the movies so far
  • I’m curious about how Brian got to know Ludacris’ character. I’d like to see how that relationship formed
  • Another street race where we hear a rap song with lyrics like ‘Too fast, too furious’, just like in the first movie. I assume this one is Ludacris
  • There’s a very cool double take by Eva Mendes when she sees Brian at the race. She knows what she’s doing
  • The first street race is shot better than the first movie. When the camera moves through the windscreen it’s a lot more smooth. Things had obviously moved on
  • The bridge jump is perhaps the first ridiculous stunt in the Fast and Furious series. The first of many. But it is done very well and it’s so cool when Brian’s car jumps over the other car in mid air and all you can hear is Brian whooping
  • I love Brian’s power slide (and power smile) after he wins the race
  • Paul Walker is killing it so far in all the little reaction shots that he has. He’s got this character down
  • It’s pretty cool when they get Brian’s car with the tazer thing. I wonder how realistic that is
  • It’s a pretty sweet briefing room they have. Miami police must be rolling in it
  • It’s a decent story idea getting Brian back in to help with another bust, and also highlighting another undercover agent who might have flipped. That’s something Brian will be able to sympathise with
  • I like how Brian metaphorically has his back to the wall with the cops and yet he’s still calling the shots and making demands about wanting his own driver
  • Bilkins and Brian go all the way from Miami to Barstow, California just to get Roman? I want to see a short film about their little road trip, stopping at roadside diners and sharing motel rooms
  • It’s a very cool take down that Brian does on Roman after he punches Brian
  • The undercover agent is called Monica? Another Monicaaa! This really is the name of the series so far, after two girls at the track race in the first film being called Monica. I need to check to see if there are any Monikas in Point Break because who knows it might be another homage!
  • Roman is a very feisty character but I love how Brian can handle him. I feel Roman becomes a bit of a comic relief character later in the series so it’s good to see him in his raw element in this film
  • Pretty cool ‘stare and drive’ move from Brian (which Roman taught him, of course)
  • The actor who plays Carter Verone always reminds me of Tom Berenger. That’s a good thing. I like Tom Berenger
  • Roman’s Fonzie reference made me laugh
  • It’s a cool idea having a real life race instead of just street races or drag races all the time. I like the premise of the film
  • It’s pretty nasty how that guy gets sandwiched between two trucks and then driven over. Ouch
  • The reverse drive up the freeway from Brian seems very unrealistic at the speeds they are going at, but it’s still pretty cool and it’s a good chance for Brian to say “How do you like them apples”. Saying that line makes any behaviour acceptable
  • I love how Brian and Roman are testing each other whilst they are also racing the other drivers too
  • Great low camera angle shot when Tyrese strips off and then smashes the window and then Brian just opens the door
  • I love the gasoline on Verone’s stooges’ windscreen from Roman. Much better than a banana in a tailpipe!
  • Roman is always hungry. I love that that’s his weakness. Does that becomes his thing throughout the other movies, like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven? I can’t remember
  • At the party Brian seems to be talking a bit too loudly about being a cop. He needs to be a bit more careful!
  • The scene with the rat is pretty cool. Interesting situation to be put into as an undercover cop, to have to aid the torture of another cop
  • Bilkins is a real dick in the first movie but his character is pretty cool in this one
  • I love how Brian says ‘Cops’ when he hears sirens after they pick up the money. Really makes you think that that life is behind him now
  • I got a bit confused about how their undercover cop operation wasn’t talking to the cops who made a move on Verone’s trailer. Or why where Brian and Roman worried about the police arriving early. And if Brian and Roman are working for the police then why would everyone let such a police car pileup happen. I’m sure if I paid more attention I would get it. But I don’t like having to pay attention in Fast & Furious movies 😉
  • Brian says “How about them apples” again!
  • I love how Brian and Roman start to have a little bonding session with the henchmen during the money run. Touching. Doesn’t last long though
  • I know Brian and Monica have a little flirting thing going on but when she sneaks onto the boat and they kiss it just seems a bit out of the blue and almost like they’ve been going out for ages
  • The car jumping on to the boat scene as actually totally ridiculous. There’s not even an obvious ramp or the right angle to jump on to the boat. Totally random. But again, this is not the craziest stunt in the series.
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Deleted scenes
I found these deleted scenes on YouTube –

  • There’s an interesting scene with Brian and Bilkins where Bilkins directly asks him about why he let Dom go in L.A. There’s not a great answer from Brian but it’s still good that the question gets addressed
  • The other deleted scenes aren’t really important

Main characters
The only returning characters were Brian and Agent Bilkins
Slap Jack
Orange Julius
MC Jin
Agent Markham
Agent Bilkins
Monica Fuentes
Carter Verone

Most memorable scene
The car jumping onto the boat is probably pretty memorable, but the one that actually stuck with me the most as a powerful scene was the torture scene with the rat, so I’m going to go with that one.

Best stunt
There’s a few contenders here…

  • The car getting sandwiched between two trucks is pretty gruesome and you can see that it is realistic and could actually happen
  • The car jumping onto the boat is just crazy-ass stupid so for me it doesn’t make it
  • The winner for me is at the beginning when Brian jumps over the bridge and over the other car at the same time. It’s crazy, it’s cool and it’s very well done

Quote of the movie
I nearly suggested Roman saying, “Damn, it’s a ho-asis in here” but I’m going to go with Roman saying:
“Ejecto seato, cuz!”

Score – 8/10

This movie gets a bit of a bad rap, maybe because it doesn’t have a full cast and it’s a bit of standalone storyline, but I think it’s very entertaining. Roman’s character really brings it to life and the story is just plain fun too. 

The Fast and the Furious – 8.5/10
2 Fast 2 Furious – 8/10
Turbo-Charged Prelude – 2/10