I’ve never been a massive petrol head but I certainly appreciate a fine automobile. I often fantasise about what sort of things I would buy if I suddenly came into money. If you didn’t have to work and you could spend stupid amounts of money on things you’ve always wanted. It’s just a nice way to daydream sometimes.

It could be winning the lottery, beating the house in Vegas, playing free slots online, the pools (do people still play the pools?) or getting free money from a very generous Nigerian bank (jk). But let’s just imagine I’m suddenly very rich. What sort of cars would I buy? Firstly let’s say I’m not a very flash guy so I would probably actually just buy a top of the range Volvo or something. I don’t like showing off. Plus I probably wouldn’t have the space to have all the cars below, unless I bought a huge mansion (which I probably wouldn’t do). So that’s why I’m calling these my dream cars. It’s nice to fantasise about them at the very least.

Lamborghini Countach

This one is a no brainer. This is the car I have been in love with for as long as I can remember. Ever since I saw the Cannonball Run or had the above Athena poster on my wall. Read about how I tracked down and met the artist who painted that amazing poster. And I also made this Top Ten list of Lamborghini Countachs which is worth a read. I’d love to drive a Countach one day. I’ve heard they are not the most comfortable and also are quite heavy to drive. But they just look so amazing. I would probably try to go for a black one, like in the Athena poster. The artist Keith Harmer actually owned a black one of his own. Second choice would be red, and then white.

Ford Mustang ’67-’70

This has always been a car I have admired but I think the first John Wick film tipped me over the edge and I fell in love with it. I’m pretty sure it’s a ’69 Mustang in that film but I would happily settle for any Mustang between about ’67 and ’70. They’re all great. There are loads of great movie Mustangs, including John Wick, Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds, Tokyo Drift and more. This is probably a car I would actually get in real life if I was rich as it’s not overly flashy.

AC Cobra

I think I discovered the AC Cobra in a really old episode of Top Gear back in the late 80s. And soon after that there were new models of the AC Cobra that were re-released by the company who purchased the brand. I get a bit mixed up about the history of the company to be honest but I think there were new replicas made in the early 90s, and I saw one in real life near where I lived. It was most likely a replica, but that’s ok. Still the same bodywork. I would say it’s even more beautiful than the Lamborghini Countach. Amazing lines. This would be my Sunday car, going driving around the countryside with the wind in my face. (Not the wind in my hair. I don’t have any hair.) Here’s the old Top Gear episode that I think I saw.

Pickup truck

Perhaps a bit of a random one here but I love pickup trucks. I just don’t have any need for them or space for them. But perhaps, in my dream fantasy future, if I was rich, I might get a house up in the Colorado hills or somewhere and I would need a pickup. Let’s go with that situation. So which one do I get? The Fall Guy’s GMC truck? Love it. The Toyota 4×4 from Back to the Future? Very cool. Or perhaps I would just go all out and get a Monster Truck to drive down to the shops with, like the guy in Road House.

70s Chevy Van

This one may make you laugh as well, but I absolutely love these vans. There’s one near where I live just now and I must say I’m very envious. It was probably the A-Team’s GMC van that got me into vans in the first place, but the 70s Chevy vans are just stunning. I could seriously spend all day looking at photos of them on Google images.

There we go. That’s my shortlist. What would your dream cars be?