I saw Rocketman in the cinema this week. Wow. Very impressed. The movie is in itself a work of art, and it is a fantastic showcase for Elton John’s talent. I thought Taron Egerton was incredible. I’d happily watch the movie again right away.

It really does highlight just how incredible Elton’s talent is. He can play piano by ear, make up music on the spot and also has an amazing voice. You don’t get many people like that.

I never had any early albums from Elton but I had a double CD of the The Very Best of Elton John growing up that I listened to loads. After seeing the movie I felt I had to write a quick Top Ten list of his best songs. But remember this is just my personal top ten from my own experience of Elton’s songs and I’m sure there are many other album tracks that many people would say should be on a list like this. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments if there are any tracks you can recommend that I might not have heard.

10. The Bitch is Back

Great upbeat track, with typical Elton energy and tenacity. Quite rocky.

9. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

I had to have a song from The Lion King on this list and this track is beautiful.

8. I’m Still Standing

This song probably climbs a few places purely due to nostalgia. It was played a lot on the TV, and it is a classic video. A great fun song that brings back lots of memories. Look out for Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli amongst the dancers in the video.

7. Crocodile Rock

One of Elton’s classic upbeat songs. Light-hearted and a whole lot of fun.

6. Rocket Man

Pretty epic. Has obvious similarities to Bowie’s Space Oddity. Beautiful and transports you to another world.

5. Something About The Way You Look Tonight

This one might be a surprise to some people but I just love so many things about it. To me it just works. The notes in the chorus are just placed in a very good order!

4. Tiny Dancer

I know many people will have Tiny Dancer as their no.1 song. I actually never really knew it until I saw that awesome scene in the film ‘Almost Famous‘. It had passed me by because for some reason it wasn’t on the double CD ‘The Very Best of Elton John’ that I owned. But it is a really great and quite unique song. Love it. If you haven’t seen this video of Elton showing off his new song Tiny Dancer you have to.

3. Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)

To me, Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) is just classic Elton. It’s how I imagine him in the early days on stage in smaller clubs just rocking out and having a ball. It’s hard to listen to this song and keep still.

2. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

This is a great, great song anyway but it probably makes it up to the no.2 spot because of the amazing version sung with George Michael at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. And it’s not just a George Michael cover song, because the best bit is undoubtedly when Elton comes in halfway through and sings his lines with more gusto than he does in his solo version. Amazing live performance.

1. Your Song

There was never any question what would be the no.1 song. I have always absolutely loved Your Song. It’s one of my all time favourite songs and was my staple karaoke song for years. I’m actually trying to learn to play it on the piano right now.