We’ve had some fun 80s-inspired adverts lately. The MoneySupermarket.com ones involving He-Man and Skeletor, were… interesting. The Walmart movie car ones were great. But this latest effort from Renault Brazil is superb.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the 80s was awesome, and it was apparently very big in Brazil too. Renault Brazil have produced a fantastic advert that brings the cartoon to life, and fans are wishing it was an actual movie trailer for an upcoming movie. Some of the casting is great, particularly Eric who looks exactly like his cartoon counterpart. Some of the CGI isn’t incredible, but Tiamat the dragon looks amazing. I wish we saw more of her. Hank’s bow is fantastic and Diana’s staff is very, very cool. They really took care to represent the outfits and weapons faithfully to the cartoon.

And the best thing about the whole thing is the kids finally find their way home, back to the funfair, all thanks to the Renault car. Kudos to the people who thought that up. It’s the ending that the cartoon never got and I’m sure many grown up kids watching the ad are getting that satisfaction of seeing the kids get home.

You can download cool posters of the characters at the bottom of this link https://www.renault.com.br/veiculos/conheca-nossa-gama/kwid.html