It is a scientific fact that humans like to feel scared. In fact, the feelings we experience when we feel fear can be likened to feelings of arousal. From riding rollercoasters, to participating in extreme sports, to watching horror movies, there are many ways thrill seekers can get their kicks nowadays. A fun way to get thrills (and some Instagram worthy snaps too!) is by visiting spooktacular houses, made famous by appearing in pop culture’s best-loved scary movies. So what chilling locations can you actually visit?

Looking Around Los Angeles?

Netflix released psychological thriller Bird Box at the end of 2018. Over 80 million accounts streamed the post-apocalyptic adventure starring Sandra Bullock, making it one of the streaming service’s biggest releases. The house in which Sandra Bullock and the cast hide out near the beginning of the film seems to be just as popular as the movie.

Since the release of the movie, the owner of the home says fans have been flocking to take selfies outside the house, which is located 20 miles south of Los Angles in a suburban area called Monrovia. Apparently, fans have even been posing outside wearing blindfolds, in homage to the plot of the movie. Fun Fact: the owner says the exterior of her house has appeared in numerous movies, though she can’t recall which ones. She also claimed she wouldn’t be watching the movie as she does not have a Netflix account!

Another house located in Los Angeles is the iconic Murder House from season one of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series American Horror Story. The house also featured in an episode of the cult classic The Twilight Zone, and is possibly the most haunted house in the history of television. From the ghost of a sociopathic teenager to the ghost of a mad doctor, every inch of the murder house is crawling with sinister spectators who like to cause chaos. You may want to get insurance before moving into this home! The real mansion that acts as the Murder House has a much less sinister history. However, this hasn’t stopped thrill-seeking fans from wanting to explore the house. The current owners of the murder house are involved in a legal battle with the person who sold them the house for $3 million. This is due to American Horror Story fans attempting to break into the house.

If you’re visiting Los Angeles, taking a selfie outside this iconic location is a must. But please be mindful of the real, living occupants of the house.

Take A Trip To Texas

Slasher flick, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, will go down as one of the most iconic horror movies. Who would have thought a low budget gorefest would spawn so many sequels and remakes, though admittedly not many of them have held up to the original masterpiece. Any fan of the movie will remember the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house. What fans may be surprised to know is that house has now been renovated into a restaurant, a perfect place for horror fanatics to grab some grub. The Grand Central Cafe, as it is now called, is located in Kingsland, Texas.

Bonus Tip – If you are in Texas to visit The Grand Central Cafe, you may also want to visit The Gas Station. This is a horror-themed restaurant and hotel owned by the man who played Jason Vorhees! Yes – THAT Jason! From the iconic Friday The 13th movies. 

Feeling Brave?

Now you know these locations are real, and not just CGI or sets built in studios, will you be visiting next time you are in Texas or Los Angeles? Don’t forget your selfie stick!