The gaming world has witnessed a massive transformation in the last few decades. From the 1980s arcade gaming and old console era, we now have ultra-high resolution and interactive video games. Technology in the gaming sector has extended beyond upgraded hardware to other modern gaming features. Today, professional gamers fit other accessories like the X comfort air gaming chair, quality sound systems and other technologies into their gaming stations for a finer gaming experience.

Additionally, gaming companies continue to invest in advanced technologies that incorporate virtual reality, social media and comfort into the gaming world. Nevertheless, retro video gaming hasn’t lost its popularity; in fact, it’s probably more popular than 20 years ago. Those of us who are still attached to our 80’s or 90’s home gaming memories, are definitely not alone.

Modern day retro gaming
Whether you like dusting off your classing gaming console or prefer playing in a more up to date way, many of us yearn for those addictive classic titles of the past. Fortunately, modern gamers can enjoy various gaming methods and options such as:

  • Vintage retrogaming – Involves original video game hardware, disks and cartridges
  • Retrogaming emulation – Playing retro games on modern hardware through emulators
  • Ported retrogaming – Porting the older games to the new hardware; old games re-written for the new gaming systems
  • Remake retro gaming – playing classic games that have been redesigned with enhanced graphics.

There are many ways to play those retro video games that made use sleepless addicts and that we still can’t get enough of. Below are some of our most addictive retro video games, from a whole range of genres.

1. Tetris
Possibly the most addictive game ever? Tetris shipped with most units of the Game Boy handheld console and so it made its way into many households throughout the world. The easy pick up and play nature of it, and frustrating puzzling aspect makes it a hugely addictive game for many people. It even spawned a medical term the Tetris Effect, for when people begin to see it in their sleep or when they close their eyes.

2. Street Fighter II Turbo
Street Fighter II was a behemoth of the arcades. And when it made its way onto home Super Nintendo systems, people just couldn’t get enough of it. Amazing graphics, fast gameplay, challenging special moves. Whether you want to challenge yourself by winning the game on hard mode as Dhalsim or just want to keep beating your friends up, it certainly is one of the games with that ‘just one more game’ syndrome.

3. Day of the Tentacle
The game was originally released in 1993 by LucasArts as an upgrade to Ron Gilbert’s Maniac Mansion. Day of the Tentacle is an addictive cartoon puzzle game that involves three friends working around to stop the evil tentacle from taking over the world. The over 25-year-old adventure game is back with re-mastered resolution and sound effects. Moreover, it offers players the option to switch between the new and the original mode. A great way to revisit an old classic.

4. The Sims
You probably know of a friend who would miss real life social events back in the day just to establish full control of their Sims. Maxis released the first Sims in the early 2000s and it became a way of life for many players as they worked to control households, businesses and people living in the community. The players aim to see relationships, careers and kids grow under their supreme control. For many it became more than just a game.

5. EverQuest
Shortly after Verant Interactive developed and released the game in 1999, there were claims that some players spent between 20 and 30 hours playing EverQuest in a single sitting. This online game has been on top of the most addictive classic games list, giving it the label, ‘life-destroying Never Rest’.

In summary
Modern gamers can now enjoy a huge range of interactive, high resolution and healthy gaming experience, thanks to the latest technologies in the gaming industry. However, many gamers still find it tempting to ditch their modern Xbox to play their favourite retro title on their abandoned gaming console or PC. Most of the serious gamers are still in love with one or two retro video games, keeping some of these memorable moments alive. With a variety of retro gaming options like emulation, porting and remake, retro gamers can enjoy even more within the modern gaming environment. If retrogaming be the food of love, play on.