As more advanced technology makes video games more complex and realistic than never before, it’s fascinating that the previously niche market of retro gamers continues to grow in popularity. This love for old school games is so prevalent that Nintendo recently re-released one of its old, original consoles – the Super Nintendo, which sold out worldwide. Some suggest that the nostalgia behind so many of the games is what drives the increasing number of people who still play on their 35-year old consoles. Nevertheless, this retro market comes with more than just the games, but a massive memorabilia market which has captured the attention of fans who want to show off their knowledge of the gaming world. However, finding the proper place in the home to display this memorabilia can be easier said than done. It’s important to utilise space effectively in order to make the perfect retro gaming themed room in your home.

Look for Unused Space
When looking for the best place to make your retro gaming room, don’t overlook the garage. About half of all Americans spend a couple hours per week enjoying hobbies in this room, but most don’t see the space as a chance to showcase their memorabilia. It’s easy to convert your existing garage into a working showcase room with some organisation and elbow grease. And if your home doesn’t have a garage to begin with, taking a look at different garage kits is a simple way to create the space you need. Perhaps the greatest advantage to using a garage to show off your gaming memorabilia is that it’s separate from the rest of the house. This gives some of your most prized possessions their own space, and will keep any roommates or family members happy that the memorabilia isn’t taking over other areas of the house.

Organisation is Key
One of the most important aspects to creating your retro gaming space is organising your collection so that people will see your favourite things first. If you simply throw all of the memorabilia onto one countertop, it won’t highlight the uniqueness of the collection. Utilise the room’s shelving and place items you’re most proud of at eye level for people to see. Smaller, or less relevant items can be placed on the very top of shelves or at the bottom, so only the truly inquisitive admirer will see and appreciate them.

Having a sleek and organised space to showcase your memorabilia is something retro gaming fans across the world would love to have. Fortunately, making this space a reality is easier to do than one might think. With a bit of creativity and organisational skills, just about any true gaming fan can turn a room like their garage into their version of gaming paradise.

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