Here is the next thrilling instalment of my look at all the old Your Spectrum magazines, in the run up to the ZX Spectrum Next launch (as explained before in my first post about Old Spectrum Mags). Here’s my look at the highlights of Your Spectrum Issue 13 from April 1985.

All images are taken from the ever-awesome Internet Archive. Here is the full magazine if you want to take a closer look.

Very sad article spelling the end of the rubber keyboard! Sad times! Also it mentions here that Kevin Cox is taking over Editorial duties from Roger Munford. Kevin would see Your Spectrum through the transition into Your Sinclair.

How to hack your Sinclair C5 to go faster. I love it.

I’d never heard of the Channel 4 TV show ‘4 Computer Buffs’ before, as mentioned in the article below, but after a quick YouTube search I found this great clip with Sir Clive.

What a fantastic Top 20. Nearly all absolute classics. What an era to be a gamer.

I never owned a Microdrive, although always wanted one. Interesting article here.

Another very cool article, this one showing you how to reveal a secret room in Jet Set Willy.

Great to see a relatively young, pre glasses, Bob Holness adorning a page in a Speccy mag. What a legend. I’ll have a Z and an X please Bob!

Two classy Spectrum games and one classy advert. Nice.

Stay tuned for Issue 14 coming soon!