I continue my look at the old issues of the magazine Your Spectrum in the run up to the launch of the ZX Spectrum Next. Today we look at Issue 04 from June 1984.

All images are taken from the Internet Archive. Here is the full magazine if you want to take a closer look. Kudos again to Jason Scott for uploading it.

Below – Couple of nice articles here. The top one is a look at the ‘new game’ Lords of Midnight. Nice to hear the first opinions of such a classic game. And the middle bottom article shows how Hewson Consultants used to write books. In fact I’ve heard in recent podcast interviews with Andrew Hewson that he said that’s where he started.

Below – What a great Top 11. Matthew Smith with both top two places! And good to see Jet Pac on the rise.

Below – Interesting to see an early article for Competition Pro joysticks by Kempston. We normally think of the 5000 one here as being ‘Competition Pro’, but in fact they refer to all three joysticks here as Competition Pro. To be honest I’ve always been slightly confused about the name and manufacturer of Competition Pro joysticks. This is an interesting insight into the early days of it.

Below – Interesting article about screen dumps. The headline has shades of future Your Sinclair articles too.

Below – Look in the top right. Soho Sex Quest? I imagine this is probably a text adventure because it would be hard to make graphics that would be titillating enough. I wonder just how risqué the text is. It’s probably hilarious so I might have to try to find the Rom!

Below – Great article about Jet Set Willy, including a map!

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