As I explained in the first post about Old Spectrum Mags I’m going through all the old Your Spectrum and Your Sinclair magazines in the run up to the ZX Spectrum Next launch. Here’s my look at the highlights of Your Spectrum Issue 03 from May 1984.

All images are taken from the Internet Archive. Here is the full magazine if you want to take a closer look. Kudos to Jason Scott for uploading it.

50 games on one cassette eh? Firstly, I’m sure all the games were amazing, and also I’m sure it wasn’t difficult at all to fast forward to the right game that you wanted.

More weird joysticks! What is it with weird joysticks in 1984?

Trashman is a Spectrum game that some people love and some people hate, but there’s no denying that this is a pretty cool advert.

A classic advert from the Spectrum era.

Nice to see they were getting letters from Sinclair Research themselves! Good to know that the company you’re writing about reads your mag.

What a fantastic idea, turning your full page ad into an actual newsletter for your company and adding a high score leaderboard to boot. Very clever.

“Sexing your Spectrum”. What a great headline, but actually a very interesting article too. Fascinating seeing the differences between the Spectrums.

Genius idea, for anyone who didn’t like the rubber keyboard.

Some of the articles were pretty hardcore. This one was teaching you how to plot points in 3D space.

What a classic 80s printer.

I love that they’re putting game maps into the magazine too. I love a good game map.

This is the first appearance of the Your Spectrum Top 20 games list. Some real classics on here.

A graphics tablet for the Spectrum in 1984? I’d loved to have had this.

Oh dear. 1980s, what were you thinking? Neither the game title nor the strapline would ever get approved today of course.