Comic books, as with anything, have changed considerably as time has gone on. The changes that have happened have been with the various parts which actually go into forming the comic book itself. Some changes happened because of advancements in technology, some because of natural evolution of the characters and others down to the necessity in providing the reading audience with exactly what they are looking for. It’s potentially these changes though which have gone on to make comic books as popular as they are today.

First of all, let’s look at the artwork. Over the years the art that goes into making comic books and their stories, has changed dramatically. While the artwork was still extremely good many years ago, nowadays artists have more tools and experience which enables them to produce arguably much better quality work, from a technical point of view at least. Technology has made such advances that it has resulted in artwork and graphics production and printing being vastly improved. Comic book readers these days are getting artwork of the highest quality, printed on the best materials too.

We’ve also seen changes to storylines and characters too over the years. In the very early days many of the stories were about crime and suspense, while heroes such as Batman and Superman failed really to deliver in the popularity stakes. There was also a huge demand for horror comics too. Superheroes did start to find their feet in the comic book world though, really around the time of WWII as people fighting were often sent them to read. Since then there was a sort of revolution in the industry with superheroes taking centre stage and they obviously remain there today.

Characters have changed too as time has gone on and the way that they are introduced, with those on the periphery such as Ant-Man, now being able to be a leading character in their own right. Not only that but we have seen great cross overs character wise in comic books too. Fans were treated to the extraordinary crossover between the multiple versions of Spider-Man which included Earth-616 Spider-Man, Spider Gwen, Cosmic Spider-Man and many more in Spider-Verse.

The evolution of comic books isn’t restricted to comic books themselves exclusively though. They have indeed gone on to inspire success in many other areas which have included movies, television series, merchandise and games in various different forms. It goes to show just how influential comic books, their characters and their stories have not only been but continue to be as time progresses.

Comic books and their evolution into the gaming sector has been monumental because they have managed to influence various types of games over the years. There have been board games which include the likes of Hulk Smash, hit video game titles such as Batman: Arkham Asylum and even superb online casino and slot games too. A good example of this is looking at the number of slots games that have a comic book superhero theme, that are included in online casino sites like Unibet. It all really does prove that as time has gone on comic books have not only gained popularity and further interest in their own right but they have had a major impact in other forms of entertainment too and continue to do so.

Comic books have a massive impact on our culture, often more than people who don’t read comics realise. Long live the comic book.