Many of you reading this in the UK will likely remember the great work done in the 90s by Paul Rose, aka Mr Biffo. He was the editor of the unique Teletext-based video games magazine Digitiser which pushed the boundaries in many ways in terms of humour, and quite frankly what they could get away with without being censored.

You can relive some of Mr Biffo’s writing style in his current, thoroughly entertaining blog Digitiser 2000 and you can also watch his very unique video series Found Footage on YouTube.

But it’s neither of these that has really struck my attention this last few weeks. It’s instead a parody Twitter account that Paul created a couple of months ago. It’s a spoof take on all those nostalgia Twitter accounts that assume you can’t even remember the simplest thing from the past. Now, obviously I run a nostalgia account myself, but I’ve always had a rule that I’ll try to make my posts more about things that are very rare or forgotten, or instead, if it’s a more common item, create some sort of review or discussion about it. I absolutely, definitely avoid saying “RT if you remember such and such”. I don’t like being that direct in requesting RTs, even though all the accounts that do that end up getting around 50k followers or more. I just don’t like taking that approach myself. But, each to their own. But I think the ones Paul was particularly poking a slight finger of fun at were ones that say things like “RT if you remember Sonic the Hedgehog” or “RT if you remember Back to the Future”. Of course we remember those things!!! It can be a bit patronising at times. But thousands of people always reply in a very genuine way saying “YES! I remember Sonic the Hedgehog!!!”, so I guess there is obviously a market for it.

But partly in response to all of this, Paul has created the account called Do You Remember This? also known as MemoryAssistant asking if you remember crazy pretend things from the recesses of his own imagination. Check out some examples below…

What’s great is that apparently the main Twitter account that Paul was perhaps poking fun at actually contacted him saying that they enjoyed the spoof account and even offered advice for how to better share it. It’s great that everything has been taken in the context of fun and everyone is appreciating just how funny and clever the account is.

It kind of has gone to a new level now. It was started as just a parody account but it’s now almost reaching the level where it could even plant false memories into our heads in some instances and kind of make us question the very notion of nostalgia. Not to mention the jokes being extremely funny. But perhaps we shouldn’t analyse it too much. Just follow it, have a laugh, and see what you ‘remember’.

Paul wrote a blog post here about how he is very surprised about the popularity of it all.

Check out all the above links. And then reminisce about that time when you checked out the above links.

And here’s a great video too.