I’m a big fan of Future Publishing and Imagine Publishing’s magazines and bookazines (Future recently acquired Imagine, so it’s now all under the Future umbrella). So I was very proud to be asked to contribute to Future’s latest bookazine “The Ultimate Retro Collection”.

This bookazine is a really great collection of retro toys, with some fantastic photography (and I’m not just talking about mine!). Most of the standard retro subjects are covered, as you would expect, but they also cover some properties that are not regularly covered, such as The Raccoons and Funnybones books, which is great to see. It’s extremely well put together and I certainly urge you to get a copy if you see it in WH Smiths or any other shop selling it. You can buy it on their online store as well.

I was contacted by Future who asked if they could use some of my Argos catalogue scans, some of my photography and they also asked if I could take some new photography of items that they had seen on my Instagram feed. I was very happy to oblige.

I’ve added some low res pictures below to show which images in the book are mine. I didn’t want to upload hi-res versions as I still want to encourage you to go out and buy the book of course. I’ve added orange arrows to show which photos are mine. A lot of them are just pages of Argos catalogues but I’m very pleased that they used some of my scans of posters and leaflets.

Check out the photos and a couple of comments below.









I’m really chuffed that they used my photos of He-Man and Skeletor, and also the Masters of the Universe poster that is currently adorning my son’s bedroom wall.


This is a great page too. I love my Panini sticker albums and it’s cool that every image on this page is one of my sticker albums from my collection.