While I was reading all the GnR books for #GnRWeek I was thinking to myself how the origins of the band would make such a great movie. How the members all meet up. Living together in a crappy apartment on sunset strip. Playing early gigs. Writing music. Doing drugs. Hanging out with strippers etc. Travelling up to Seattle for their first gig and trying to burn down the venue after the club owner wouldn’t pay them. It’s a great story about how they came from the gutter and become the biggest band in the world.

I saw the N.W.A. film a couple of years ago and loved it. I can imagine something vey similar being done around Guns. And then just last week I discovered that Marc Canter’s book, Reckless Road has been optioned for a movie by James Franco. Apparently Franco is a big GnR fan and he’s determined to get this made. And when James Franco gets a bee in his bonnet he supposedly gets things done. Apparently he’s a mover and shaker in hollywood these days. Fingers crossed it happens, as I would love to see it. They have to call it Appetite for Destruction though surely? Here’s the link again that I posted yesterday.


And who to cast in the roles? These ones are always hard because you need people who are young. Early 20s. And I really don’t know that many young actors. So I did try to cast this film but I’m going to have to give up. Let’s cast a bunch of unknowns! How about that. I just hope James Franco is a producer and doesn’t put himself in the movie. Not that I don’t like him but I just think it would pull you out of the film if you see him in it, after knowing the backstory of him getting the movie off the ground.

On a related subject, I mentioned in a previous post that there was a camera crew following the band around on their Use Your Illusions Tour and the footage has never been used yet. It’s locked away in a vault somewhere and it needs all the band to agree to it being used and edited etc. That may well be more likely now that most of the band are touring together. So as well as a James Franco movie we may well soon get an amazing documentary movie about Guns N’ Roses too. Fingers crossed on both counts.