So here we are. We’ve reached the end of #GnRWeek. I’ve listened to albums, read books, watched documentaries and then seen my favourite band live for the first ever time. All things need to come to an end though, and I’ll end the week here by posting my Top Ten Guns N’ Roses Songs. If you stayed with me all week then thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments below or on Twitter what your favourite Guns N’ Roses songs are.

Thank you Slash, Axl, Duff, Izzy, Steven, Matt, Dizzy and Gilby.

Honourable Mentions
I found it so hard to decide the No.10 spot. It could easily have been one of these songs just as much as Breakdown.
Civil War
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Anything Goes
Think About You
– I feel strange even suggesting that a song from Chinese Democracy might make it into the top ten, as I kind of personally consider it Axl’s own solo project and not true GnR, but this song is amazing. Very nearly makes my top ten.

You can go see the individual album posts in #GnRWeek to get my slightly more in-depth comments on each song.

10. Breakdown
Very cool
9. November Rain
Epic in every sense.
8. Dont Cry
Cool, chilled but with a hard edge.
7. Paradise City
A real rocking crowd pleaser.
6. Nightrain
Anarchic rock. Awesome
5. Back Off Bitch
Amazing song.
4. Patience
3. You Could Be Mine
Cool and raw.
2. Welcome to the Jungle
Cooler and more raw.
1. Sweet Child O’ Mine
A true iconic classic.