This post, during #GnRWeek, was meant to be something a bit more than this. I wanted to write a review of the Guns N’ Roses tribute act called Guns 2 Roses. I’ve been trying to see them in Southend-on-Sea where I live for the last two years, but I keep missing the date for one reason or another. They normally play here around September but this year they were playing in April, perhaps because the GnR tour this year in June would have people fired up to see them. I was more than fired up. I couldn’t wait to see this tribute act in a small venue as a warmup to seeing the real deal in a stadium, a couple of months later. But sadly both myself and my friend I was meant to be going with got sick that weekend and we couldn’t go. Very annoying. Hopefully they’ll be back later this year though.

Quite often tribute acts are almost as good as the real thing. I saw a ZZ Top tribute act last year and they were incredible. I’m obviously sure the Axl and Slash aren’t as good as their real life counterparts, but I’m still very excited to hear a band that is very similar to Guns N’ Roses, in such an intimate venue. It might be like seeing GnR back in the Troubadour in 1985!

When I finally get to see them I’ll come back here and update the blog post. Meanwhile, here is a promo video from their YouTube channel and check out their Guns 2 Roses website.