#GnRWeek continues with this infographic timeline that I made.

I’m very much a visual guy and sometimes I just need to draw a picture to get my head round a particular concept. After reading all the Guns N’ Roses biographies and books it struck me just how quickly everything happened. The band rose to huge success extremely quickly and it wasn’t long at all until things started to fall apart at the seams. I wanted to really get a sense of all the timings of the band’s history so I thought I’d make this infographic timeline. It’s just a very quick and rough illustration of some of their key moments including record releases, band member changes and key shows etc as well as highlighting their popularity/hotness. Actually not just their popularity/hotness but kind of their band happiness. Basically they were at their creative peak, combined with success, from about mid ’87 to mid ’89. Just two years. Then things started to go downhill in terms of the band’s togetherness. The Illusion tour was very successful but things were really starting to break down within the band, so I wanted to highlight how these periods differed, by adding my “success x coolness x band happiness” quotient. Very scientific of course.

I learnt a lot of these dates from reading Duff, Slash and Steven’s books, but another great resource I used to clarify things was this amazing text timeline.

If you spot any mistakes or can think of anything to add then please let me know in the comments below. And click here to view a larger version.

Guns N' Roses timeline