I’ve always loved the Asterix books. They are fun, educational but most of all they are absolutely works of art. Albert Uderzo’s artwork is sublime. I particularly love his renderings of the Roman soldiers and how he represents motion in general. I’ll be doing a future post all about the Asterix books in detail, but this post just now is to briefly explain my Asterix history and set forth a challenge to myself.

Growing up, I actually only had about four Asterix books. I read and re-read these over and over. I know those four books like the back of my hand. I just never got my hands on any more of the books. But I’ve recently got my hands on my original four books again and it’s totally rekindled my love for the series.

Here are my four books plus another one I acquired over the years of Asterix versus Caesar: The Book of the Film.

Asterix books

I’ve always poured over the back cover of the books where it has a list of all the other Asterix volumes, and I’ve often wondered what the other stories were like. Well now I’m going to find out. I’ve decided to set myself the goal of finally owning all the Asterix books and enjoying them for myself as well as reading them with my son.

Asterix back cover

And here are some quick pics of some of Uderzo’s great artwork. I’ll take some better quality pictures and scans soon when I do my bigger Asterix blog post.