Up next for #Johnuary is John Barry’s involvement in the legendary Bruce Lee film Game of Death. I personally had no idea that Barry did the score for this film.

This is obviously the film that Bruce Lee was in the middle of making when he died. The film was completed five years later and it was scored in Hong Kong I assume for the Eastern release. John Barry was approached to do the score for the American/Western release.

Game of Death soundtrack

This really is a lot of coolness together. Bruce Lee, martial arts and a John Barry score. All very 70s. This is actually the Bruce Lee movie that I’ve seen the least. I’ve always been really into his work and I guess because the movie was unfinished when he died I kind of haven’t considered it a legit Bruce Lee movie or something. I re-listened to the full score on Spotify for this exercise and there are some great tracks on there. There’s not one big theme song like the Bond films had but here are some of the tracks I liked…

Main Title
The Big Motorcycle Fight
Goodbye Dr. Land
Stick fight

The full soundtrack can be heard here, or in high quality on Spotify…