Next up for the John Barry week in #Johnuary is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the Bond film that starred George Lazenby in his only time in the role.

This was the first film since From Russia With Love that didn’t use the film’s title in the opening song’s lyrics. This was mainly due to Barry not being able to write the title “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” without making it into a Gilbert & Sullivan style opera number.

This tune is used in the film as an action cue, in place of the regular James Bond Theme. The song starts off with a bang. Lots of big Barry brass, and the underlying motif later in the song is similar to the ‘dum-di-di-dum-dum’ of the main James Bond Theme.

Having said all the good points above though it’s still one that isn’t hugely memorable as a title track. It’s got some great riffs that are reminiscent of the main James Bond Theme but it’s obviously not one you can sing along too and it’s unlikely that many people hum this one when the song’s not playing.

The song that a lot of people associate more with the film is “We Have All The Time In The World” starring the vocals of Louis Armstrong.

This great song was also composed by John Barry and although it apparently didn’t make an impact on the charts at the time it is hugely respected now, not least after its use in a great Guinness advert in 1994.