Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the festivities. As the new year begins I wanted to start how I mean to go on. With lots of blog posts and a fun theme.

So without further ado, welcome to JOHNUARY!

Throughout my life I have always got two sets of Johns mixed up. In fact, one of the reasons for doing this month’s theme was really just to make sure I hammered into my own brain which John was which, so I don’t get them mixed up any more. I do know all of them, and their bodies of work, to varying degrees, but I still always got their names mixed up for some bizarre reason.

I can reveal that in the world of movies my Johns in question are John Carpenter and John Hughes. I’d only seen a few films collectively from these guys. I know their names so well, but I just never really knew who was who. Sacrilige, I know. Plus John Waters of Hairspray and Cry Baby fame always confused me even more (but he doesn’t get looked at in Johnuary sadly).

And from the film music world, I know the works of these guys extremely well, but again I just always got their names mixed up. The legends that are John Barry and John Williams.

Johnuary headshots

In the month of #Johnuary I will be spending each week looking at one of the aforementioned Johns, reviewing their work and ranking my favourites. There should be one blog post at least every day, often more than one, with short, succinct reviews of the movies and scores. I hope it goes without saying that there will be spoilers in these reviews. And remember, I’ve only seen most of these films once, so take it easy on me if I miss some obvious observations that other people have acquired over the last 30 years :-)

So, take a trip to the john, put on your long-johns, grab a pint of John Smith’s and settle back for a jaunt through the month of Johnuary beginning tomorrow with… John Carpenter!