For this latest Top Ten list I was inspired by the recent episode of the Nerd Lunch podcast, where Jeeg, Downs, Jay and Charlton talk about their Favourite Pro-Wrestling Things and discuss everything from favourite intro music to foreign objects and ring attire. A great, fun episode that I urge you to listen to, brother! My wresting knowledge is mostly just from the classic WWF period in the 80s and early 90s, so the list that I’m choosing from isn’t perhaps as long as some other people’s repertoire. And most of the intro music I’m listing here came from the two cassettes that we got free with the WWF magazine, which I use to play endlessly and I still have today. I have some of them on my playlist when I go for runs as well.

WWF Theme Tunes

WWF Theme Tunes

WWF Theme Tunes

WWF Theme Tunes

I’ve taken all the theme tunes from the same place on YouTube for consistency, so thanks a lot to the awesome WrestlinThemes YouTube account for putting these online. Also of course, big respect to all the writers and owners of the original music. I’ve only recently discovered that Jimmy Hart wrote about six of my top ten theme tunes!

Ok, here we go…

The Undertaker
The Undertaker has had at least two theme tunes. The first one was just scary organ music. The second one wasn’t a hugely exciting track but the opening bell noise is perhaps the most iconic of all wrestling intro music. When that intro played, the whole arena would gasp. It struck fear into everyone who heard it. Genius.

The Honky Tonk Man
A genuinely good song. So much so that I actually used two think it was a proper song that they had used. While it’s still a very good song it just narrowly misses out on being on my top ten list.

10. The Rockers

Just a simple, classic 80s rock riff. Very catchy.

9. Brutus ’The Barber’ Beefcake

This song is the epitome of funk. It’s hard not to move around to it when it plays. And I can just picture Brutus strutting his funky stuff down to the ring, snapping those scissors with that wild look in his eye.

8. Jake ’The Snake’ Roberts

Such a cool track. A cool track for a cool dude. Jake was probably the coolest customer of all the wrestlers, strolling down the runway with that steely glint in his eye. The music is great, almost in the style of Miami Vice’s Jan Hammer.

7. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This is one of the tracks where the opening few seconds is what really makes it. When that ‘Hooooooooo’ rang out around the arena, the place would erupt. The track itself is ok but it’s the ‘Hoooooo’ element that really makes it a classic.

6. Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Similar to Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s one, it’s the intro that really makes this one stand out. Jimmy Snuka’s wrestling had one bit that really made it memorable, the Superbly Splash of course, and his theme tune was no different. The opening “super-super-superfly” used to bring the house down. The rest of the track really isn’t great, but for me the memories of those first few seconds elevate it to no.6 in my list.

5. Demolition

A brilliant track, which wouldn’t be out of place on a Metallica album. It sounds very well produced, compared to some other WWF tracks. I like theme songs with lyrics too and these ones are great, although I wonder if Crush tried to get his name added once he joined the ranks.

4. Hulk Hogan

A classic theme song obviously, and one whose lyrics stood out as a moral way to live your life, not just how to beat your wrestling opponent. Beautiful. Hogan was obviously the flag bearer for the WWF and this theme song supported that. My main memory of it is not actually of Hogan walking down to the ring, but rather after he seemingly won every major event in the late 80s and he was the last person in the ring, doing his standard posing routine to the four sides of the ring while his theme tune played, and the commentators would say “That’s all folks” as the broadcast played out. The chorus is a bit cheesy, but hey, it was the 80s. I remember my friend’s dad taking the piss out of it singing “I am a bald American…”.

3. The Ultimate Warrior

I love the Warrior’s tune. What a way to get pumped up. If the track itself didn’t get you pumped up you then had the Warrior himself sprinting down the runway to the ring at breakneck speed huffing and puffing his cheeks out. Pure, intense energy. Love it.

2. Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes’ entrance music had everything. It had a great opening sting where you just hear ‘Ameeeeericaaaaa-haaaaan… Dreeeeeam” and then you break into an incredibly cool and soulful, funky track. Great theme song.

1. Big Boss Man

Personally this is the WWF theme song that I find myself actually singing the most. Great music. Great lyrics and it’s just so damn catchy. It was a close call with Dusty Rhodes, but the Big Boss Man gets my vote. I’m going to stay clear of Cobb County, Georgia, that’s for sure.

What would have made your list?

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