You guys remember the Kronoform robot watch? Often known as the Transformers watch even though it wasn’t an official Transformers product. Of course you do. It may well be making an appearance in my Top Ten Retro Watches on the blog soon too.

Well, I recently discovered that Dan Smith on Twitter has a boxed one. And boy, is the packaging sweet. This thing is awesome and Dan was kind enough to take photos of the front and back for me that I can share here. The front is fantastic but just check out the back. Feast your eyes upon the awesomeness…

Kronoform Front

Kronoform Back

I really wish I had been in the marketing meeting where they decided on the ‘modes’. Three of them are basically like robot break-dancing/yoga. I personally think having a watch which comes off and transforms into a robot was cool enough. No need for all those extra modes, but hey, it meant that we have ended up with this amazing cardback, so it’s a win in my book. Thanks again, Dan.