I’ve always loved magic. I’m the kind of person, like a lot of us, that is always trying to catch the magician out. Trying to work out how they did the illusion. Magicians are tricksters and I’ve always wanted to try to unravel the tricksters. I do, however, also respect the mystery of magic and the rules that organisations like the Magic Circle have in terms of not revealing how they do the tricks. So for the bigger, dazzling tricks that stage magicians do at big shows or on TV I generally try not to find out how they do it, in order to retain the mystery, but a part of me is always trying to see if I can work it out for myself.

But when sites like Secrets of Magic come along I just can’t help myself to take a peek. It’s got six classic magic tricks from the 80s showcased which it then goes on to explain how the tricks were done. I could watch some of these all day long.

Secrets of Magic

Siegfried & Roy

Some of the tricks, like the David Copperfield one or the Lance Burton ones, are still impressive even after you know how they are done. The agility, timing, hand movements etc are extremely impressive skills. I still can’t quite work out how exactly the Siegfried & Roy one is done, even after I know the technique they used.


Lance Burton

But the Pendragons one is just astounding. I’ve been watching it in slow motion and still can’t quite believe their speed and timing. It’s almost more impressive once you know how it is done.

And of course I love how this site is made with a cool 80s vibe. Right up my alley. Check it out.