I wrote a blog post a couple of months ago about my experience at the Secret Cinema Star Wars night. You can read my full review here. This was the incredibly immersive experience where they recreated Tatooine, Mos Eisley, Imperial ships, the Death Star and a whole environment and narrative from A New Hope, before then showing the full Empire Strikes Back movie on the big screen. A great experience and I’ll never forget high-fiving Luke, Han and Chewie as they walked up to receive their medals after a life size X-Wing had been flying over our heads minutes earlier.

Secret Cinema have now released the video of the night, which you can see below. They’re great nights and I feel lucky that I work and live in/near London so that I can attend them. (you can read my review of the previous year’s incredible Back to the Future Secret Cinema night here)

You can also view more photos of the Star Wars night here.