I was lucky enough to attend the fantastic event, Reasons to be Creative, in Brighton, a few weeks ago. It’s an amazing mix of web designers, digital creatives, motion graphic artists and makers. It’s got an incredible atmosphere and there are so many inspiring things going on, such as Dominic Wilcox’s awe-inspiring inventions that make you look at the world differently (he actually appeared on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show this week), Noma Bar’s genius negative space illustrations and caricatures, Sugru’s CEO talking about how their creative product came to be, and lots of other digitally creative people talking about their work or latest trends. Very, very inspiring stuff for anyone who has a creative bent like myself.

My head was buzzing with all the cool stuff and filled with ideas for creative things I could do with a retro slant, when I returned. I had gotten so much energy from the event that upon my return I was looking online for any other Reasons to be Creative stuff that I could find and digest, and looking at pictures from last year’s event too. That’s when I caught a photo of a speaker from last year who was showing a slide containing cool artwork of Masters of the Universe and Voltron. Needless to say this caught my eye! After doing further research I’ve discovered the speaker was James White, and his work is totally up my street. I am so gutted that I didn’t get to see him speak but I’ll certainly be following him from now on as I know he does speak at a lot of events. Just check out some of his awesome retro art below as well as links to his websites and podcast. His art has a very cool mix of neon, glows, airbrush effects, chrome, wireframe horizons and everything else that was awesome from the 80s. And he has some great series of artwork such as the Starkade series that illustrates icons from the 80s such as WWF wrestlers and Masters of the Universe characters.

Keep up the awesome work James!

Website – http://www.signalnoise.com/
Podcast – http://www.signalnoise.com/442788/podcast
Twitter – https://twitter.com/signalnoise

And check out this cool mini-documentary made by Lynda.com about James.






Ultimate Warrior


Koko B Ware




Drive poster