Hip Hop Week continues. Welcome to Day 3. If you’ve read my previous posts this week you’ll be aware of my limited hip hop knowledge. That will probably be very clear in this post, where my Top Ten Hip Hop Songs are chosen from a pretty limited reportoire. It’s pretty obvious from the list below that I’m a big fan of Dr Dre and his production factory. I’ve basically never really gotten into artists like Tupac, Ice-T, Public Enemy, Jay-Z and although I like The Beastie Boys I don’t know their stuff well enough to have any tracks in my top ten. But this is a snapshot of where my love of hip hop currently is and I’d love to hear what gems you think I’m missing out on. So please, hit me up in the comments and tell me what to check out.

NWA – F*** Tha Police
I’m a big NWA fan but only one of their tracks actually made my final top ten. This one was in there for ages though and just got edged out near the end. It’s perhaps just a little flat or repetitive in places compared with the awesome Straight Outta Compton.
Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice
This was the soundtrack to one of my summer holidays. Cool vibe and so many great lines in it.
Dr Dre – Nigga Witta Gun
Incredible bassline, great production and possibly one of Dre’s best rapping tracks.
Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
I loved this track back in the day and played it endlessly. I just love the laid-back vibe on it. To be honest, listening to it again now it seems like it is maybe lacking something, but it still brings back loads of memories for me.
Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight
Has to get a mention. Classic funk baseline and widely considered to be the first mainstream Hip Hop hit.
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
Forgive me…but this was the gateway for many a young lad into the wider world of Hip Hop. And for someone with a stutter, learning all the worlds to Ice Ice Baby gave me a chance to perform for people without stuttering. For that I raise my glass to Rob van Winkle. Word to your mother.

10. So Solid Crew – Broken Silence
This one is perhaps a little under the radar but I loved it the minute I heard it. The only UK entry in this list and one of only two songs I think which was released in the 2000s. The sound reminds me very much of Lil’ Ghetto Boy, with the flute influence. And I love the video too.

9. Snoop Dogg – Who Am I (What’s My Name)?
This album was ground breaking to me. It was one of the first Hip Hop albums that I had fully immersed myself in. Incredible. And this track summed up everything that Snoop Dogg was offering at that time.

8. Eminem – The Way I Am
I never really liked Eminem’s lighter Slim Shady material, but I love when he gets dark and angry and this track is great to rap along to in order to get your frustration out.

7. Warren G ft Nate Dogg – Regulate
I kind of feel that this isn’t ‘hardcore hip-hop’ enough to be on my list or something, I’m not quite sure why, but I personally love it and love rapping along to it, so it’s in there. And it would be rude not to include a song that samples the Young Guns movie wouldn’t it? Regulatorrrrrs, mount up! And check out this other awesome version here mixed with the original Michael McDonald song that it samples. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp5wID1FWOk

6. Dr Dre ft Eminem – Forgot About Dre
I love this whole album, 2001. I think it’s got so many great songs on there, but this one stands out to me. Not least for Eminem’s awesome middle verse.

5. Run DMC – Raising Hell
East Coast representing here! You can read more of my thoughts in my Run DMC Top Ten but there are so many things I love about this song. It just sums up Run DMC to me.

4. Run DMC – Run’s House
Two Run DMC tracks in a row. Run’s House really does show Run to be one of the best rappers in the game in my mind.

3. Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang
One of the most classic Dre/Snoop songs. Kind of sums up West Coast rap in many ways as it’s got pretty much everything in it.

2. NWA – Straight Outta Compton
I was so close to having this as my no.1. It’s just got so much balls. It’s got attitude, great lines, great early Dre production and just totally sums up NWA and west coast gangster rap.

1. Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – Lil’ Ghetto Boy
I chose this one as my no.1 as it is my go-to rap song. I don’t even know how mainstream it is to be honest. I’m not sure if it was ever released as a single. I just know I’ve always loved it since I heard it on The Chronic. I love the whole laidback vibe whilst still telling a powerful story. And I love the use of the flute and the sample from Little Ghetto Boy by Donny Hathaway. It shows rap as a true art form.

So what other cool tracks would you recommend that would make your Top Ten? Let me know in the comments below.

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