As it’s Good Friday I thought it would be good to start Easter Weekend with a Top Ten of Eggs in pop culture. I thought it might be hard but there’s actually more than you think.

10. Monkey What a classic TV show. Batshit crazy. The intro sequence is pretty cool, talking about a rock that became magically fertile and that its first egg was named Thought. From it then came a stone monkey. The nature of Monkey was… irreprecable!

9. Howard the Duck HowardDuckWhatever you think about the movie, it’s a pretty cool poster. Howard being ‘born’ out of the egg and he’s already smoking a cigar like a boss.
8. Alien/Aliens AliensA different kind of egg perhaps but still an egg, and one that is visually hard to forget about, as it opens up and lets a facehugger jump onto your face. It has become the archetypal ‘space egg’ which has been oft-copied in other films.
7. Fabergé Eggs in Octopussy FabergeA classic example of how you can gain proper cultural knowledge from things like Bond movies. I wonder if Fabergé had any part in this product placement. Sales must have gone through the roof (or perhaps not as they are pretty expensive) after the appearance of a Fabergé egg in Octopussy. It’s certainly one of the most prominent movie eggs in my mind.
6. Cool Hand Luke CoolHandLukeWhenever I think about hard boiled eggs I just think about Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke when he eats 50 eggs in one sitting, with George Kennedy rubbing his belly to help them go down. Classic film. Classic scene.
5. Mork and Mindy MorkA pretty ridiculous idea for a spacecraft perhaps, but it’s how Mork lands on earth. The appearance in the title sequence is a classic moment of 80s TV and earns it a place in this list.
4. Cadbury’s Creme Egg Cadbury-Creme-Eggs4I personally have never really had Cadbury’s Creme Eggs high up on my list of chocolate that I like. But I’ll still happily have them. I just find them a bit awkward to eat. But that has obviously been a part of their great ‘How do you do it’ advertising campaign over the years. It is funny to see over the years how small they have become each year and how much earlier they get released each year. I also really love the recent Hallowe’en slime version.
3. Kinder Surprise KinderSurpriseKinder Eggs are so awesome that they’re still going strong today. They’re pretty simple. A chocolate egg containing a yellow plastic ‘egg’ which has a toy inside that you can put together. But the chocolate was lovely and the toys were sometimes pretty awesome. All in all it was an amazing treat to get when you were a kid. It was more than just a snack, it was a ‘blind bag’ moment of excitement that was hard to beat.
2. Dizzy games DizzyIf you haven’t played a Dizzy game then you’re missing out. Designed and programmed by the legendary, and thoroughly down to earth, Oliver Twins, the Dizzy games were a classic series of 8-bit games where the lovable character of Dizzy (an egg) had to go around finding objects and solving puzzles. Not only this but there were loads of egg references and puns thrown in for good measure, not least with the Yolk Folk.
1. Dinasour Eggs
DinasourEggIf you read my Top Ten Retro Sweets blog post you will know how much I love this sweet from the 80s. Absolutely unbelievable how nice it was. And I know I will never taste it again. Very sad. But for me it is the first thing I think about when I think about awesome eggs.

I struggled to think of any more than the ten I’ve mentioned above. Can you think of any I’ve not added here?