A lot of you may already be aware of these awesome posts, but a new one was posted yesterday so I thought I would just write a quick piece about how great they are in case you hadn’t seen them.

Shawn Robare is becoming a bit of a retro/pop culture legend. If you don’t know his work then you should check out his great website Branded in the 80s, his podcast the Cult Film Club (that he co-hosts with Paxton Holley and Jamie Hood) and his many appearances on other podcasts such as Nerd Lunch. One of his most excellent creations, however, is his fantastic series of Awesome 80s Bedrooms.

Shawn painstakingly goes through the DVDs of some classic 80s movies frame by frame and picks out toys and memorabilia that the kids in the movies owned. He then, like a modern day Sherlock Holmes, researches what they all were. These deconstructions of 80s bedrooms are great and not only bring back great memories about the toys of those eras but also shows an interesting side to the props department who had to stock the scenes with the best of the current toy market in that particular year.

He’s looked at Mikey’s bedroom from The Goonies, Elliot’s bedroom from E.T., Josh’s bedroom from Big and David’s bedroom from Flight of the Navigator alongside many others. Check out the full list of all the bedrooms that Shawn has visited (if that doesn’t sound too creepy).

Bedroom from Flight of the Navigator

Bedroom from Big

Bedroom from The Goonies