…at least that’s how PYE advertised them in the 1982 Spring Argos catalogue. The advent of Teletext was an incredible thing.

“Teletext is the name given to a new information service transmitted FREE OF CHARGE together with the normal television signal. A Teletext T.V. is a store house of information of up-to-the-minute information instantly accessed by using a remote control hand set. Typical information available – general news, sports results, weather and traffic reports, financial news, food prices, recipes, T.V. and radio programme times, puzzles, quizzes, jokes and much much more. All this is available whenever BBC1 and ITV are on the air.”

Sounds awesome doesn’t it? And at the time, it really was. I remember checking Ceefax and Oracle for sports results, cinema times and jokes and at the time it was like having high speed broadband. Oh, how times change.