Royal Rumble DVDThe Royal Rumble has always been my favourite WWF or WWE pay per view event. I just love the drama of not knowing who is going to be the next person to run into the ring. And to have that many superstars in the ring at the same time is pretty cool.

This year’s 2015 Royal Rumble is on Sunday night. As a precursor to this year’s Rumble I thought I’d have some fun and watch and live-tweet the 1990 Royal Rumble the night before, on Saturday night. I’ll be tweeting when each participant enters the ring and also updating on any big things that happen during the event. I’ll be watching it on the Royal Rumble Anthology DVD that I bought a few years ago.

I will probably be kicking it off at about 8pm UK time on Saturday, but please do watch my Twitter account nearer the time for updates. @Retromash #RoyalRumbleRetro

Photo above is from and is of the Royal Rumble 1989

Photo from and is of the Royal Rumble 1989 (I don’t want to spoil any surprises from the 1990 one)