So, after posting a couple of pretty heavy time travel articles the last two days I thought I would change the pace a little bit with a couple of Top Ten lists. Time Travel Vehicles today and Time Travel Movies tomorrow. When I say ‘vehicle’ this can mean an actual physical vehicle or just a plot vehicle as a means of time travel. There are many more than these but here is my Top Ten list below of some of the most entertaining or cool ones.

10. Death

Movie: Edge of Tomorrow, Source Code
Dying is not exactly an attractive way to kickstart your time loop but if you play your cards right you could find yourself a way out of the loop. But obviously this one is pretty risky and not very enjoyable and is therefore at the bottom of my list.

9. Gents toilet

Movie: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
I thought this was a pretty funny one when watching the film but I don’t think I can put it any higher than 9 as it literally is just a smelly gents toilet in a pub. You walk in, walk out and don’t even know what time it is going to transport you to. At least you get to relieve yourself before embarking on each travel.

8. Sleep

Movie: Groundhog Day
This one is certainly more attractive than Death and I can only guess that Bill Murray’s character was absolutely shattered at the end of each day after learning all those skills and having to go through his massively complicated daily routine.

7. Timecop car

Movie: Timecop
I kind of find this one a bit ridiculous, in the sense that they hurtle at immense speeds towards a cement wall. Not exactly a relaxing way to travel. I mean just look at those stains that the Volmer Twins left behind. But it’s also a pretty cool piece of kit and extremely accurate with when and where it can transport you to.

6. The Time Machine chair

Movie: The Time Machine (1960 and 2002)
This just has to be on the list. It’s one of the oldest time travel designs and is a classy piece of kit. If you want to travel in style then this is for you. I still do have some concerns about how the machine actually works and the format of the time travelling though which I discussed in my earlier post this week. So that’s why I don’t have it higher up on my list.

5. Hot tub

Movie: Hot Tub Time Machine
I mean, come on, it’s a hot tub. That’s pretty cool already. The fact that it also time travels back to the 80s is a very cool bonus. But you had me at hot tub. It’s certainly not higher than 5 though because it’s not particularly mobile, and I think that’s an important aspect of any time travel vehicle.

4. Dark cupboard

Movie: About Time
How very British to have the means of time travel consist of saying “Would you excuse me for one second?” and then going to find a small, dark cupboard. But this is actually an extremely cool one. It’s not one that anyone can use though as it’s for people who have a genetic ability but it just consists of standing in the cupboard and holding your fists tight. You can do it anywhere and it’s low effort. Very handy.

3. Phone booth

Movie: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Although it’s a quirky design, this one is extremely cool and very useful. It actually nearly made my no.1 spot. It can go to any time you want but also any place you want, which is very good. The main downside of it is the lack of space and just how much it stands out when you go to the past.


TV Show: Doctor Who
It is the TARDIS (as you probably know, that stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) and it is the daddy of modern time travel. This thing can go anywhere and anywhen. It is sentient. And it’s both compact on the outside and massive on the inside. This thing should probably be no.1 but you know what? It’s just not a DeLorean. ;-)

1. DeLorean

Movie: Back to the Future
The most stylish, cool and awesome time machine that you could hope to own. The idea of having a time machine as a car was a great idea and having it as a DeLorean was just genius. Certainly 1000 times better than the fridge idea they were originally going to use. If I had to pick one of the vehicles from this list to travel in it would definitely be this one. But obviously the one from the end of the first film onwards where you don’t need 1.21GW of electricity generated via plutonium.

Time Travel Week logoSee you tomorrow for our next thrilling instalment of Time Travel Week which will take the form of a Top Ten Time Travel Movie list. I’ve watched several new films in the run up to this week to make sure I was making my list from as wide an array of time travel films as possible.