I was very sad to hear a few hours ago that Glen A. Larson, the legendary TV producer, had passed away due to esophageal cancer aged 77.

Some people are just synonymous with a genre, and when you think of quality 70s and 80s TV shows the chances are you will think of Glen A. Larson. He was a behemoth of 70s and 80s TV as a writer, producer and creator. So much so that his name became a stamp of quality at the end of a TV show title sequence.

He actually began as a musician and composer and is credited with co-writing the awesome theme to The Fall Guy. He was involved as a producer of early shows like Alias Smith & Jones and also The Six Million Dollar Man but then went on to create a plethora of his own shows including such classics as Knight Rider and Magnum PI, plus my personal favourites of Automan and Manimal. His legacy is truly outstanding as you can see by my collection of TV show logos below. Feast your eyes on this and pay tribute to a man who helped shape your childhood.

Knight Rider

Battlestar Galactica

Magnum P.I.

The Fall Guy



Buck Rogers

BJ and the Bear

Cover Up

Quincy M.E.

* Banner photo credited to Rocco Ceselin and Huffington Post.