I’ve just seen these awesome new Honda ads which launched on Nov 10th. Personally I really like how companies are latching onto the whole retro nostalgia wave to spice up their advertising. Things like the Radio Shack Superbowl Commercial from earlier in the year.

These new Honda ones are great and you can see them all below.


The animation is great in this one, and very reminiscent of Robot Chicken’s animations. But it’s just a shame they couldn’t get the actual voice talents of Alan Oppenheimer.

Jem and G.I. Joe

Good banter between the two characters here. Fun to see Jem resisting the chat up lines from the action man himself!

Stretch Armstrong

This one’s great. Good use of Stretch’s ‘action features’ too to show how much space the car has.

Gumby (feat. Pokey)

I have to admit I never knew Gumby so I don’t have any emotional attachment to this one. But I still like the way it’s done, particularly the mysterious cave bit!

Strawberry Shortcake

Nice humour around the smells here.

Little People

This is possibly my favourite one. Great to see the Little People coming to life and perhaps because they don’t need much animation they actually seem more ‘real’?