Welcome everybody to the Retromash website. I first thought about making this Retromash site about 5 years ago in 2009. I’ve been slowly building up my archive of lists and retro objects since then and now I have managed to build the site too. You can read the About page and the FAQ page for some more information about Retromash in general.

The main heart of the site is The List and The Gallery. The List is pretty substantial already but I do hope it will continue grow. The Gallery, however, has begun with this website. At the time of writing we only have a few items photographed, but every week I plan to have a few more items photographed and catalogued and over time it should hopefully grow into a pretty cool archive of retro things. Please do keep checking back.

The other main heart of the site in terms of content is this blog. You are currently reading the first blog post. The first of many I hope. I’ll blog on here as much as I can about retro news, interesting articles, personal musings and updates to the site. Stay tuned for the first few blog posts coming soon. Also please check out the Retromash Twitter and Instagram accounts and the other social media accounts too.

Enjoy the site and please do get in Contact if you have any comments.