Big news today… I’ve uploaded all the PDFs I have in my Argos catalogue collection.

Argos cataloguesLike most people, I get that warm fuzzy feeling when you think back to Christmases past and all the exciting presents you got. For me, one of the big parts of Christmas was flicking through the Argos catalogue to try to decide what toys and games I would want. I used to spend hours just pouring over the fantastic photography that sparked my imagination every time I looked at them. I’ve become hooked on collecting these Argos catalogues now. For me they are a direct window back to a simpler time. There was of course no internet back then and this was the best way to research the toys and spark your imagination without having to travel to a toy shop. They are a snapshot of a culture and a technology which is often long gone in the psyche of the modern plugged-in world we live in now.

It always makes me smile looking at the old clunky VHS players and cassette players. Not to mention some of the dodgy fashions of the models!

At the time of writing I’ve managed to get hold of 16 physical copies of old Argos catalogues and 38 PDF versions. Here are a few of my favourite pages but to see the rest just go over to the Argos catalogues page.

My favourite section is definitely the Toys and Games. In particular the action figures, seeing what figures were on sale that year including Masters of the Universe, Transformers, A-Team, Thundercats, M.A.S.K. etc. But there are so many other areas I love within this section too such as the board games, the handheld electronic games, the plush toys and the slot cars.

Argos Masters of the Universe

Argos Transformers

Argos Star Wars

Argos handheld games

Another section I particularly love looking at is the watches. I used to love all the quirky digital watches that came out in the 80s. I still wear a re-release of the Casio Databank to this day.

Argos Watches

And the electronics and music section always makes me smile. Seeing the ‘cutting edge’ technologies of the personal stereos, radio cassette alarm clocks, ghetto blasters and VHS players is fantastic.

Argos Personal Stereos

The picture near the top of the post shows the physical copies of Argos catalogues I have acquired, some of which I’ve not managed to get in digital form yet, but for now check out the link below of the PDF versions and relive all the above memories. Remember what it feels like to be 6 years old and (if you’ve been a good boy/girl) why not try and decide what you want for Christmas this year. Check out the full array of catalogues over on the Argos catalogues page.