Masters of the Universe sticker album

Owned by: Retromash     Photography by: Retromash


  • manfromthezoo

    Jan 26, 2015 - Reply

    Lovely to see this again! This certainly bought back more than a few memories.

    You probably know, but there was also a MOTU movie tie-in sticker album in 1987…I had that one too.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • Retromash

      Jan 27, 2015 - Reply

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I do have the ’87 movie sticker album on my list to get, but I think it’s a little bit harder to get hold of.

      • Ben

        Apr 5, 2016 - Reply

        I have a unfinished copy if you are interested?

        • Retromash

          Apr 5, 2016 - Reply

          No thanks. I’m happy with the one I’ve got, but thanks a lot for the offer.

  • […] Panini sticker albums were a huge part of my childhood. I had this Masters of the Universe one as a child but I never managed to complete it and I didn’t hold on to it. I picked this complete one off eBay and it’s all kinds of awesomeness. If you excuse the pen mark on the cover, it’s actually in really good condition. Check out the pages below. You can view even more pictures in its entry in The Gallery. […]

  • Damian

    Apr 2, 2015 - Reply

    I had this book in the 80s but never finished it, which was of course the goal.
    The sticker packs weren’t that expensive but there was also bubble gum, chocolate bars or comic books to buy!

  • Andrew Cramer

    May 12, 2015 - Reply

    Awesome! I still have mine!

  • P.J.

    Jun 20, 2018 - Reply

    Just discovered this great site. I’m a MOTU fan since it originally came out circa 1982. I still have both of my Panini sticker albums (Filmation and movie), though never quite finished the (rarer) movie one. Seeing those center pages of this album take me back as, whilst I still have both albums, those center pages in mine went walking several decades ago. I remember stickers you could ‘pull out’ and attach to the right but of the montage felt so novel!
    By the way, the ‘different’ image of He-Man, Teela and Orko on the front cover actually IS Filmation, just from an early promo shot for the series. Also of trivia is that, production-wise, this album recreated the first eight (from memory) stories of the series. Although the episode “The Cosmic Comet” is sometimes listed as the ‘first’ episode due to the script being numbered 001, this is slightly misleading, and the first story in this album, “Diamond Ray of Disappearance” is indeed the ‘pilot’ of the series (as feels rather evident by Skeletor “calling his warriors from around the universe”).

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