Retromash Festive Crossword 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody. I’ve not done a crossword since 2020 so I thought I would bring it back!

This year’s crossword has a TV show theme. US TV shows. I might do a UK TV show one next year. Once again, this crossword is just a bit of fun. There’s no prize. Just the fun of taking part. Some of you might answer most of the questions in about a minute. But hopefully there are maybe some questions that may be slightly harder. The process of making a crossword is quite interesting. I start off by placing long answers throughout the puzzle, and then try to fit in other words that can cross over them. But there is always a few areas at the end where I just have to try to fit words into the remaining spaces and the challenge for me then is to reverse engineer a question that could work for often the only word that can fit into that space! See if you can spot those more random answers amongst them all!

Download the crossword from the link on the right (or below if viewing this on your phone), print it out and have some fun. There are no prizes for completing it but I’d love to see some finished entries posted on social media and hear how you got on. And please do share and get all your friends and family involved. I’ll try to remember to post the solution on Jan 2nd.

Have fun!


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