Retromash Festive Crossword 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody! Hope you’re having a great time. Sometimes the week between Christmas and New Year can be a weird limbo time where some people don’t really know what to do with themselves, and also it can be a time where people love to do puzzles and quizzes. Well, for both of those situations you’re in luck! After this year’s Retromash Advent Calendar we have now created the first ever Retromash Festive Crossword!

It’s just a bit of fun. Some of you will probably answer most of the questions in about a minute. But who knows, maybe some of the questions might stump you. Or you can test all your friends and see how much of a geek they all are. Some of the questions are slightly Christmas related, and others are just whatever I could work out would fit into the spaces that were left!

Download it from the link on the right, print it out and have some fun. There are no prizes for completing it but I’d love to see some finished entries posted on social media and hear how you got on. I’ll post the solution on Jan 2nd.

Have fun!