Most Wanted We all have our holy grails. Here are my main ones

These are all the priority things that I would love to get my hands on but haven’t managed to get hold of yet. If anyone knows anything about any of these or where to get them etc then please do Contact me. Thanks a lot!

Dinasour Eggs – These were made by Willy Wonka’s and I remember having them in the mid 80s. Big gobstopper type things which slowly changed colour and flavour in your mouth. You could keep it going for about a week and stick it back in the box. They were truly awesome. I know I’m never going to eat one again unless they reissue them but I’d love to just get some of the packaging. Eating one of these is probably my ultimate, impossible Holy Grail. Oh, for a time machine.

Raleigh Vektar – This BMX seriously looked like something out of Street Hawk back in the day. I would love to get my hands on one. There were a few models (all black, red frame etc) but the ideal one I would like is the one with the white plastic but the black frame.

Hot Wheels Crack Ups – I loved these as a kid but they’re really hard to find now. I did manage to get one but it wasn’t one of the ones I had as a kid, so I’m still looking. I’ve only seen a couple of later models online or others that are in really bad condition.

Transformers Sideswipe – I’d really love a G1 Sideswipe in the box. Doesn’t have to be mint or closed. Open box is fine. I’d just love to have the figure and the box with it, with all the box art and bits and bobs that come with it. Hound is the other one I’d love in the box.

Rough Riders – I have the A-Team van, K.I.T.T. and Airwolf Rough Riders but I’d love to add Face’s Vette, Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari, The Duke’s General Lee and Street Hawk to the collection.

He-Man (mint on card) – I have a few He-Man figures but I would love an original 80s He-Man mint on card. Just to hang up in Retromash HQ. I’d be happy settling for a Skeletor, Faker or Trap-Jaw.

Asterix figures – I loved the Asterix books when I was a kid. The artwork was fantastic. And the action figures were amazing 3D representations of the great artwork. But they seem to be really rare to find online. I’m hoping they’ll turn up one day in a car boot sale. I remember pouring over a leaflet that had photos of all the figures too. Would love to get that for the Ephemera section!

Rubik’s Snake – There are modern versions of these available but they’re not quite the same. Also I’d really want to get the brown and cream version that I had as a kid. There was also a book that I had that was so cool which had all the various shapes you could make with it. I can still remember how to make the ball, which was the shape that used to impress everyone.

Coke Spinners yo-yos – Remember these? There were Coke ones, Fanta and Sprite. Plus special gold Coke versions. I loved these back in they day and anytime I’ve seen them on eBay they’ve gone for too much. But I’m sure I’ll get some soon.

Kronoform/Quartz robot watch – There are a few makes of these but it’s the one with Quartz on the front that I want. I think the one I had was a grey one when I was a kid so I need to find myself one of them. I’ve seen a few on eBay but haven’t taken the plunge. Last few times I have looked there haven’t been any so I hope I get the chance again.

Casio Databank watch – I’ve got one of the re-release versions of these in the metal strap but I’d love to get my hands on an original one in the plastic version.

Giant Swatch watch wall clock – Remember these massive versions of Swatch watches you could hang on your wall? Always wanted one. Still do.

Can you name?…

Here are some things that I have a vague memory of but I can’t remember exactly what they were or what they were called. Please help me out if you can!

Helmet Racers? – This is one I can’t even find anything about online. It’s the little motorbike helmets, about the size of a tennis ball or baseball, and the visor flipped up to reveal a little stunt bike which could be shot out by pressing a button. I did manage to get my hands on one of these recently, but can anyone help me work out what they were called?!

Slimeballs? – I have memories of some toys that were a bit like Madballs but you could put slime in the back and it would squeeze out of their mouths. But I can’t remember what they were called and can’t find them online anywhere.

Nutty People? – These were cool little statues that I used to see in shops in Devon when I went on holiday with my family to Torquay or Padstow. They were kind of like little sculptures of walnuts that were made into people, a bit like the Smurf toys as you could different ones like Nutty Golfer, Nutty Astronaut or Nutty Footballer in different football strips etc. I think they must have been locally made in Devon, but I would love to get my hands on one.

Build your own cartoon Shrinky Dinks? – We used to put empty crisp packets in the oven so that they shrunk, and then made them into keyrings. But I also have some memories of Shrinky Dinks, although to be honest I can’t remember what kind we had. I do, however, have a similar memory of something which may have been Shrinky Dinks or it may have been another brand, and it’s something I really want to relive or get my hands on. We’re talking huge nostalgia here. I think it had some kind of book/leaflet which had a bunch of head shapes, eyes, noses, ears etc. You then got one of the sheets of plastic and traced the elements to make up a monster/cartoon face/body of your own. I think you then cut round it and put it in the oven. I really need to know what this one was called. Can anyone help?!

Already got…

Here are some holy grail items that I have already managed to get my hands on.

Konix Navigator joystick – The Konix joysticks were love ’em or hate ’em. For example I never liked the Speedking model. But the Navigator one was one that I loved. Hours of fun playing Speedball and Eliminator on the Atari ST with this thing. Fitted perfectly in your hand (but did cause a few blisters).

Usborne Guide to the Supernatural – This book is fantastic. Really well made, informative and with some gorgeous artwork. That skull on the cover was just amazing. So glad that I managed to pick one up.

Street Hawk toys – I had a Kenner Street Hawk toy bike and I loved it. After lots of searching online I finally got my hands on one.

Treasure Island board game – I remember playing a board game which was on a treasure island and you had little cards of people that you put in little plastic stands and moved them about the squares on the board. I finally found it and it’s great.

Casio digital/analogue watch – This Casio AE-9W was a digital watch that had a faux analogue face. For the geek who wanted to look sophisticated. Loved it so much and managed to get one in 2017. Watches are just so hard to find in good condition but this one looks great.